Amazing program! My daughter loved it too. Been to other programs and this one is great. They actually spend time working with the persons individually

~ Mark Verwey

My son decided to become a goalie full time at the beginning of the pandemic. With very few training opportunities available, we were concerned about his options for development. We are So thankful that we found puck Warriors, under the guidance of Coach Steve and his Staff, my son has developed a strong confidence on the ice and secured a position on a rep team, his first time trying out as a goalie!
My biggest compliment is how steve speaks with the kids and provides constructive feedback so that they can make quick adjustments to their skills. We will be with him for years to come to help continue my sons development as a goalie!

Karyn Woloszczuk

Head Instructor Stephen Schut ran a professional, extremely well organized, high intensity and studious camp. The attention to detail was absolutely outstanding. Each drill was explained and demonstrated by a highly skilled goaltender that also taught throughout the camp at a station.

My son had the opportunity to cross over to the player camp (running simultaneously) and demonstrate his skills he was taught under the guidance of a goalie instructor. Huge, huge plus.

Coach Schut was not tied to a station rather he regularly attended each station equally ensuring all drills were being executed and taught to its highest level as demonstrated. Impressive!

The student to instructor ratio lent itself to a maximum learning experience.

This systematic approach to goaltending has improved my son’s game in regards to his approach, battle and understanding of this tough position.
Not only did my son learn a lot, he had fun. Lots of fun. He has already incorporated a stretch that was shown to him by Cat Morin ( an instructor at the camp) and stated his intentions of returning next year.

Thank you to Coach Schut and his entire team of instructors for a fantastic run camp.

Roger Caracciolo

Hi Steve,

I just thought you’d like to know that Leo’s team won the Silver Stick tournament in Pembroke this weekend

We had a 3-1 win, 3-0 win, 0-0 tie in the round robin (2-0-1).
In the semis 3-0 win and the final 4-0 win.

Leo was the top goalie in the tournament with only 1 goal against! He played his butt off.

When the team was hot they kept the shots down to a manageable amount and when needed Leo held us in there. Perfect effort from the entire team.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Steve Davidson

Since working with PW my son has become more confident in his positioning and attack on the shooters. PW ability to reiterate the small details within the world of the crease is very beneficial. “They Rest, You Work” motto is well received. Thanks again!

Neil Christiansen

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to give you a quick update – we are in a tourney this wknd and Kyle has been playing phenomenal – thank you for your help this summer at camp. It’s helped a lot!!!
He seems more confident and comfortable

Kat Hughes